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Former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman To Lead Conservative Solar Group

Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition (PCSC) promotes energy independence using free market principles, solar energy

(Columbia, SC) – The Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition (PCSC) announced today that former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore will serve as the group’s new Chairman. Moore will oversee promoting the removal of barriers to solar businesses and applying free market principles to help further energy independence with solar energy in South Carolina.

Moore’s tenure as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party from 2013 to 2017 was the most successful in history. The state GOP won every election for statewide office, supported two successful Constitutional amendments, and helped elect the most Republicans to the South Carolina State House since 1874. Now 35, Moore was the youngest State Chairman from both major political parties for most of his two terms.

Moore, an engineer by training, is a national thought leader on technology, policy, and the future of politics. He has served as a commentator for Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

"As a conservative, I support the free market driven by innovation,” Moore said. “I’m excited to lead the PCSC because solar energy gives people a choice to power their own homes. I’m confident that lawmakers will continue to remove barriers and allow solar energy to thrive as an option for all South Carolinians. As Chairman of the PCSC, I hope to encourage conservatives across the state to get involved in discussions about our energy future.”

In 2014, South Carolina’s Legislature unanimously passed and Governor Nikki Haley signed into law Act 236, bringing common sense solar energy policies that have created thousands of jobs across the Palmetto State.

“Matt Moore represents a new generation of South Carolina’s leaders who are committed to opening up more choices for energy consumers,” said Representative Nathan Ballentine (R-Chapin), Chairman of the newly-formed South Carolina Energy Caucus. “I welcome Matt to the PCSC!”

Act 236 specifically enabled solar net metering, a policy that provides consumers with fair credit for power they generate and send to the grid and their neighbors. Net metering is currently capped at 2%, per utility, under state law. Those caps are likely to be hit in 2018, threatening thousands of jobs and customer choice.

“Our ability choose where our power comes from and get fair credit is an important piece of South Carolina's energy future. We need to remove the cap on South Carolina's net metering program and support legislation like H. 4421. There is nothing conservative about artificial caps on energy choice,” said Moore.

The PCSC was founded in 2016 and works to provide solutions to critical issues facing utilities and solar companies in South Carolina and across the country. The PCSC addresses a wide range of issues including making sure homeowners are not taxed at a higher rate because they choose to go solar while also working with businesses and utilities to continue South Carolina’s net metering policy.

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