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Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition Statement on Solar Tariffs

(Columbia) - Today, the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition (PCSC) issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s news that the White House had decided to levy a 30% tariff on solar panels, as well as a tariff on washing machine parts designed to hurt Samsung, who just opened a plant in Newberry, SC, putting hundreds of local jobs at risk.

“This short-sighted decision could potentially cost thousands of jobs in South Carolina and all across our nation. On the heels of sweeping tax reform that could put millions to work, these new tariffs are now threatening our local economy. We are disappointed in this decision because we know the impact the solar industry has already had on our state’s economy alone, including thousands of new jobs over the course of just a few years. These tariffs are punitive, anti-business, and will eliminate far more jobs than they create. The tariff on Samsung alone could cost up to a 1,000 new jobs in Newberry, SC. South Carolina must step up to overcome where our federal government let us down."

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