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Former Congressman J. Gresham Barrett Creates South Carolina Solar Advocacy Group

PCSC to promote energy independence using free market principles, solar energy

(Anderson, SC) – Former Congressman J. Gresham Barrett (R-South Carolina) today announced the creation of the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition (PCSC). The group will be dedicated to promoting the removal of barriers to solar businesses and applying free market principles to help further energy independence with solar energy in South Carolina.

“Solar energy is working in South Carolina,” said Congressman Barrett. “Thanks to Governor Haley and leaders in the State House, South Carolina has become a state on the move when it comes to giving people the chance to produce their own power and to protect our God-given natural resources. Our state needs to continue to lead on this issue and push for the removal of any barriers that prevent solar businesses from growing here in South Carolina.” In 2014, South Carolina’s Legislature unanimously passed and Governor Nikki Haley signed into law, common sense solar energy policy—including net metering—that created hundreds of good jobs in just one year. Net metering is a policy that provides consumers with fair credit for power they generate and send to their neighbors. The law has also enabled solar leasing to remove the up-front investment costs, a definite plus for consumers. The Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition will work to provide solutions to critical issues facing utilities and solar companies in South Carolina. Congressman Barrett hopes to address a wide range of issues including making sure homeowners are not taxed at a higher rate because they choose to go solar while also working with businesses and utilities to continue South Carolina’s net metering policy. Barrett continued, “When you factor in all of the positive advances, South Carolina has quickly become the second highest-ranking state in the country for solar job growth. That’s why we are going to start having real conversations with conservatives and others all across this great state and recruit them to join with us. I look forward to reaching out and speaking with anyone else who cares about lowering power bills, achieving energy independence, creating more jobs and preserving God’s greatest natural gifts for future South Carolina families.”

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