Stay up to date on our mission to promote the removal of barriers to solar businesses and applying free market principles to help further energy independence with solar energy in South Carolina. 

It’s unusual these days for Republicans and Democrats to agree on policy issues. Kentucky’s Senate Bill 100, as amended in the House, is that rare piece of legislation. It deserves to pass in its House-amended form and be signed into law.

The amended legislation on net metering strikes a fair compromise. I commend Rep. Jim DuPlessis for his willingness to hear the concerns of the solar industry and consumers in Kentucky. Although it is not a victory for the solar industry, per se, the amended bill is much closer to compromise than the original version of SB 100. Utilities didn’t get everything they wanted, but neither did the solar industry. T...

As former Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, I was as surprised as anyone by some of last week’s primary election results. Political upheaval seems to be the norm these days, rather than a rarity.

In this age of amazing technology and rapid economic change, it seems our citizens are often frustrated by how slowly government tends to move to address their wishes. Rightly, one outlet is the ballot box, but it would help for government to break down more barriers to entrepreneurs and consumers. These barriers often stand in the way of innovation.

For example, we’ve all heard the story of South Carolina’s so-called “solar cap.” It’s t...

I recently became the Chairman of the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition, a group dedicated to removing barriers to solar businesses and applying common sense, conservative economic principles to help further energy independence with solar energy in my home state of South Carolina.

Solar power and energy choice are inherently conservative, and as a conservative, I support the free market driven by innovation. Our founding fathers also believed in this principle of self-determination – that we, as citizens, could chart our own course and improve our lot in life. That’s true in many facets of daily life but not usually the case when it comes...

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