House lawmakers unanimously voted to move forward with votes on the South Carolina Energy Freedom Act. The bill will remove the arbitrary caps on solar energy in South Carolina and help keep the thousands of jobs from leaving the state.


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We are running out of time. The cap on solar could be hit in the Upstate as early as March. The people of South Carolina have made it clear they want more energy freedom and have demanded policymakers take action to support solar.


Lifts the Net Metering Cap – South Carolina currently has a 2% cap on the amount of net metered solar systems. This bill lifts the cap and allows consumer demand to drive solar adoption, without restrictions from an arbitrary government cap.


Removes the arbitrary cap on solar leasing –  Solar leasing expands access to homegrown energy by removing the upfront costs and associated maintenance requirements for the life of the system.

Stops subsidies – Utilities are currently allowed to collect money from all South Carolina ratepayers for lost profits when individuals choose to make their own solar power. H. 3569 will end this practice and stop the subsidies going to utilities.


Protects 3,000 South Carolina jobs – Over the last four years, no state has grown solar jobs faster than South Carolina. Jobs are already leaving the state since Duke reached its net metering cap, and jobs will continue to leave if the cap is not raised. This happened in Nevada. It will happen in South Carolina.


Creates a process to determine future net metering value – The LCI compromise keeps status quo for two years while directing the PSC to look at costs and benefits of solar. The PSC will then determine the value received for solar energy sent back to the grid. Solar produced and used at home would not be effected.