Support Solar Energy in Edgefield County

New solar project to bring jobs and revenue to Edgefield

The Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition believes in removing barriers to solar businesses and applying free-market principles to help further energy independence with solar energy in South Carolina. We advocate for opportunities in our great state that promote energy independence, job creation, and the preservation of God’s greatest natural gifts for future South Carolina families –  opportunities like Caddis Solar in Edgefield County, S.C.


Caddis Solar is a proposed solar farm along Ouzts Road in Edgefield County. The proposed solar farm will supply enough clean energy to power more than 10,000 homes annually, making Edgefield County a leader in solar energy and energy independence. The project will also generate around $4.5 million in local tax revenue over the life of the project. This increased revenue will help support important county services such as schools, public safety, and emergency services.


Caddis Solar is being developed by Cypress Creek Renewables, a company that develops, finances, operates and owns solar projects across the country. The company has a strong presence in South Carolina, with 516 MW of solar operated in the state by Cypress Creek O&M Services.


The residents of Edgefield County will see the benefits of Caddis Solar from day one. During construction, Caddis Solar will support more than 150 construction jobs per month. The project will also generate $50 million in direct economic impact via construction spending at hardware stores, restaurants, and other local businesses.  


Caddis Solar has taken into account feedback from community members and made significant changes to the zoning site plan. The site’s acreage has been reduced by 25%, and the panels will now cover 685 acres. This change will increase setbacks from Turkey Creek and add vegetative buffers along Ouzts Road.


Currently, there are 122 solar farms in South Carolina, with a total capacity of 1,159 MW.  In 2019, South Carolina was supporting over 3,000 solar jobs, with around 9 percent of these jobs being filled by South Carolina military veterans. The solar industry is seeing such tremendous growth in our state because of its low costs and resiliency. Solar costs are falling nationally and, in 2020, solar was deemed the "cheapest electricity in history." Solar panels are also known for their resilience for being able to withstand inclement weather that conventional power grids cannot.

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